Maryland Carpet and Tile

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Maryland Carpet and Tile offers complete kitchen remodeling including floors, appliances, cabinets, plumbing, and electrical work. Our professional installers are here to help make your dream kitchen a reality. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, take a look at some helpful prep steps below.

Remodeling Preparation

Packing the dishes. A spare room or bedroom are the best place for you dishes. Basements and cellars are fine too, but remember you will have to carry them up and down a set of stairs. Lay the dishes out on the floor, bed, coach, or pack them in boxes.

If you do pack them in boxes, be sure to first pack the items you will use the least. Try to place any breakable items on the floor so that they can't fall anywhere.

You can start packing the dishes and utensils you wont need one week before the installation date. Then the night before the installation is set to take place you can remove the remaining items from the kitchen cabinets.

Protecting your floors. In some cases, the kitchen floors have already been redone before the kitchen remodeling has begun. In these cases, our installers will cover up the floors where necessary to protect the floor from damage.

Installer parking. Your installers will to park their cars somewhere near or on your property. If there are things in their path that might block their route to the house, your cars for example, move them somewhere else near the neighborhood. You can always move them back when they leave. This will keep the installers and your vehicle safe and speed up the process.

Preparations recap. There are two important overall goals to keep in mind when preparing your kitchen for a remodel. First, remove all breakable and valuable objects from the kitchen area to a safe place. Second, you want to create an easy place to work for the installers, where they do not have to tiptoe around certain things or damage others. Installers work best when they do not have to think about anything but their own work. By taking these small steps you are ensuring a smooth start to your new kitchen remodeling process