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Bathroom Remodeling Services

Looking to remodel your bathroom? Look no further! Maryland Carpet and Tile offers complete bathroom remodeling and renovation with years of experiance. We have professional installers, carpenters, and electritions ready to make your vision come to life. Contact us today about remodeling our bathroom.

Remodel Preperation

Bathroom remodeling can be a tough situation to deal with, both plumbing and wiring are usually involved, hardly things you want to mix together, and it means you will need a plumber and an electrician as subcontractors. No two bathrooms are the same so the bathroom remodeling preparation steps are likely to be different for your project. However, there are some universal concepts that you can use to prepare before the installers arrive.

The first major thing to consider when preparing for a bathroom remodeling is the flow of traffic from the bathroom to the installers vehicle. Where will the installer park his vehicle? Which door will he be coming through? What path will he take from the bathroom to the door? The installers will need to make several trips back and forth from the vehicle to the bathroom, and asking them to remove their boots each way is really unrealistic and impractical. The installers will be responsible for laying down tarps to the floor, this way we can protect your floors without interrupting the installers process.

Remove anything that is mobile from anywhere near the installers pathway to the door and work area. Doing these few things before the installer arrives will allow him to go right to work. If there are larger objects that need to be moved, the installers will handle moving those objects if it becomes necessary.

  • Showers and Bathtubs
    Remove all soaps, shampoos, washcloths, razors, and rubber duckies.
  • Toilet
    Remove the toilet cover and anything that may be sitting around the toilet.
  • Sink
    Remove all soaps, candles, and any other objects that me sitting on the counter.
  • Floor
    Remove all the floor mats, magazines, trash cans, scales, and anything else that may sitting on the floor.
  • Walls
    Remove all items from your medicine cabinet and any towels on the wall.