Top 5 Best Value For Money Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can make homes look elegant, as well as functional. Hardwood flooring can offer value-added beauty to your house. Based on the traffic level of your room and the budget that you have, you can get a style that matches your needs. You can find many species of hardwood floor options to pick from, including the following. 


This kind of flooring is quite similar to White Oak, but lends more innovative graining to a room by adding some more drama. It has bold graining, and may appear wavy, curly or straight. Ash is popular for variation in color, ranging between pale white and medium or light brown. It is a wonderful value for money option for hardwood flooring. 


Birch hardwood flooring can be categorized into two types - Red Birch and Yellow Birch flooring. Red Birch is Birch tree’s heartwood stock that is usually of a golden brown hue having a few red undertones. Yellow Birch, a type of Birch tree sapwood, has a creamy white color that has a few yellow undertones. 


This kind of hardwood flooring has a creamy white and very pale color with subtle differences in shade from one board to another. Based on the grade that is chosen, this kind of flooring may have subtle to plenty of black / brownish mineral streaks. This type of wood can mostly be found in Canada and North America’s northern regions. A few Maple flooring cuts have a type of graining known as “Birdseye” having distinctive small marks that look like small eyes. 


Red Oak is the most famous domestic wood species that is known for its mild – heavy graining with slight variations in color. This type of oak varies from slight creamy reddish pink to brown shade. White Oak is a similar species that has a harder grain, and can take stain color in a very uniform way. It can lend a traditional air to your house, without the red hints that can be found in a Red Oak hardwood floor. 


American Walnut or Black Walnut has a rich chocolate brown color and straight fine graining. It is loved by homeowners for the warmth and natural color that it lends to rooms. There is slight variation in color from one board to another. A softer wood species, walnut is loved for its fine graining and the color can range to medium brown from light tan. 

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Date Published

March 9, 2019

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